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  • Split-tipped soft poly fibers allow for effective dusting without scratching
  • Great for dusting ceilings, moldings, and corners inside or outdoors
  • Electrostatic energy attracts and holds dust, dirt, and cobwebs

Look no further, you have found the perfect cobweb cleaning tool to reach and remove spiderwebs from high places indoors and outdoors too. Our high quality, 8 inch synthetic fiber dome shaped cobweb duster with a threaded handle easily twists on to any telescoping pole found on our site.

Hundreds of soft nylon bristles quickly remove sticky cobwebs from hard to reach places. This dusting and cleaning tool can be rinsed or vacuumed to remove dust and debris.

Due to high demand color can vary but it is usually clean green and at time blue, but hey, spiders are color-blind.

Garelick Short Telescoping Poles
Price: $16.95
Short Telescoping Pole
Price: $11.95
Pipe Brush Cleaner
Price: $18.98
30 Foot Extension Pole
Retail: $169.00
Price: $129.95
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