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These economy internal twist locking telescopic poles are affordable yet durable. Light weight yet strong enough and long enough to tackle your high reaching tasks.

These aluminum poles feature an Acme thread end and internal locking mechanism. They are perfect for dusting, floor care and light utility work.

Model Extends Collapses
Sections Tube Diameter Weight


10.5 Feet 3.5 Feet 2 1.25",1.125"
2 Lbs


14.5 Feet

5.5 Feet 3
1.25",1.125", 1"
2.9 Lbs
LMB-AL-3-5 20 Feet 7.5 3 1.25",1.125", 1" 3.1 Lbs
Handy Hook
Retail: $8.22
Price: $6.98
Cobweb Duster
Retail: $11.95
Price: $9.95
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