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Dusting and cleaning a wall is easier than you think if you have the right tools. And a good telescoping pole makes it simple.

Walls are interesting objects to clean. If you have light carpet you may notice a dark area at the base. This is called filtration soil, dust that is too heavy cannot make it up the draft near the base of a wall and deposits itself at the bottom. During this process it becomes electrically charges and clings to the carpet.

The dust that does make it higher up the wall is finer and needs to be removed. If the wall is a smooth surface, this fine dust can be easily removed with our lambswool wall dusters which range in size from 12 inches to the 3 foot wide Big Red. Our cob web duster can lend a hand in the corners and top of the wall.

If you have a rough surface you need a little more agitation to loosen up the dirt. Our wall brush is made of horse hair and works well on rough surfaces. Our pipe brush can lend a hand as well.

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