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Features the ErgoTec removable Locking Cone adapter.

  • an acme 3/4 inch threaded tip to accept any threaded tool sold on our site
  • a button lock to easily snap Unger-Made attachments on and off
  • a natural taper for any common window cleaning attachments

The Unger 30 foot extension pole is a 5 section telescoping pole and is the longest pole on our site. Made of tough ribbed aluminum for added strength and rigidity, it features premium external locking nylon collars that allow you to easily extend this pole to any length up to 30 feet. This telescoping pole will take on your toughest and highest jobs.

Weighs 6 pounds 13 ounces and collapses to 7 feet 5 inches. The 3 largest sections can be completely removed from the pole to make it light for added versatility.

In addition to a threaded tip to work with any item on our site, it has a button lock to quickly snap on and off most Unger brand attachments.

Made in Germany.

Model Extends Collapses
Sections Tube Diameter Weight


30 Feet 7 feet 5 inches 5

1.45", 1.3", 1.15", .1", .86"
6 Lbs 13 Oz



 Price Each 

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Price: $39.95
Cobweb Duster
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Price: $9.95
2 in1 window cleaner vice versa unger
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Unger Angle Adapter
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Leaf Roof Rake
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Camera Adapter for Extension Pole
Price: $19.95
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