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Looking for the lightest telescoping pole? Look no further. The anodized aluminum handle and slider produce the lightest pole possible while sparing no strength.

Internal twist-lock locking device can quickly lock the pole in any length desired by twisting the pole in either direction.

Features a nylar universal threaded end that fits any tool on this site. This pole is absolutely perfect for painting and features an end cap so you can hang and store when not in use.

Model Extends Collapses
Sections Tube Diameter Weight


4 Feet 2 Feet 2
1", 7/8" 8.4 Oz


6 Feet

3 Feet 2
1", 7/8" 2.4 Lbs


8 Feet 8 Feet 2 1", 7/8" 1.4 Lbs
Tool and Brush Holder
Price: $8.95
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