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For high or low washing and cleaning this telescoping water fed pole is a perfect companion to our brushes to wash everything from siding and awnings, to solar panels and vehicles.

Patented water-fed telescoping extension pole with full handle insulated foam cover. Attaches to standard garden hose with a flow control shut-off valve. Heavy duty external locking device is easy to lock the pole at any length.

Your choice of 8 or 12 foot extended lengths.

   MLA-8508   MLA-8512
Collapsed Length 4 feet 6 Inches  6 feet 6 Inches
Extended Length 8 Feet  12 feet
Weight 1 Lbs 6 oz 1 Lbs 13 oz 
Number of Sections 2

Section Diameter

4.25", 3" 4.25", 3" 
Locking Device External Locking  External Locking
Tip Nylon, 3/4 Inch Acme  Nylon, 3/4 Inch Acme
Pole Material Aluminum & Foam  Aluminum & Foam

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