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The gliding duster is perfect for cleaning marble floors.

12 Inch model is perfect for applying floor finish or wax evenly.

Pieces Sold Seperately - Requires Frame and Pad:

This duster is much gentler on your floors than a broom. With its low profile and swivel design, this gliding floor dusts goes under, over and all around. It's perfect for cleaning and dusting hard surfaces such as hardwood floors,marble, tile, linoleum, and much, much more.

The Glider Dusters features a micro fiber mop pad that is easily secured to the frame which attaches to most common threaded mop poles and handles to make quick work of cleaning floors. The Glider Duster pivots so you can get under hard to clean counters, tables, and more. The microfiber pad is washable for long life.

The gliding duster pad is perfect for one time use to apply floor polish for hard wood floors.

Frame heads, cleaning heads are sold separately. Utility poles available below.

Utility Pole Handle
Price: $9.99
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